8 Tips on Furniture Restoration

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So why should you get your furniture reupholstered? Now I realize that is a pretty open sort of question so let’s clarify  Here at furniture restoration logan city, like to know some things about your favourite piece of furniture. How old is your current lounge or chairs that you are wanting to reupholster? In some ways the older the furniture, the better due to the quality of the timber frames.


 What is the purpose of the furniture? Is it something that is going to be used everyfurniture restoration logan city day and by whom? Is just you or a whole clan? Or is it just an old chair that you want to display somewhere.


 Do you have a specific type of material in mind that you want to recover your chair in? By getting a favorite piece of furniture restored, you can choose from some great new modern range of materials. Here at furniture restoration logan city, we have a great range to choose from.


  If you are happy with the style and configuration of your current lounge, then you should look into some of your local furniture reupholstery shops to get some realistic prices to recover your lounge.


 Providing you have chosen a good upholsterer, like us here at furniture restoration logan city, then you should get good quality materials. There are plenty of upholstery stores to select a good upholsterer from. Myself, I always strip the furniture right back to the frame. This way I can see if there are any wear and tear on the joints. It’s then on with new heavy duty seat webbing, good quality seat foams, and then on with a great designer style material best suited for your purpose.


This is also the time to get any exposed timber repairs done. Nothing quite like an old rickety chair that really probably should have been total retired years ago come back to a whole new lease of life with newly polished timber and a great designer material on it.


How long do you want to keep your furniture for? A good old style piece of furniture recovered in a good quality material will outlast any cheap import. I wish I had a dollar for everyone who has told me about the old lounge they or their family had but dumped it instead. Now they are regretting the cheaper import as it is not lasting.


Do not skimp on good quality over price as quality will always outlast cheapness. The cost of reupholstering furniture will vary according to the type of material that you put on. Also, check out some of the discount stores for a good range of upholstery materials as they can sometimes have good runouts.



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If your lounge is looking like this then you need to call us  

leather lounge

2 seater leather lounge

Once you have decided to get something recovered, you need to start looking at some good upholstery materials, but where do you start as there are some great options available these days. Guess the main thing to decide is what the usage will be. By that, if it is to be used for heavy traffic use then you will need something hard-wearing. If it is for a bedroom chair, then something lightweight would be alright. Always check the grading of the materials. They are usually graded as light domestic, medium domestic and heavy domestic. Some others are also graded as light commercial, medium and heavy commercial. Upholstery textiles are different to curtain fabrics so be careful  what you choose


So what is the best type of Upholstery Fabric?


There is a great range of leather available for most types of upholstery uses. Leather certainly has the advantage over upholstery fabric in so much it is a much more durable product. I have seen leather lounges that are up to 15 years old that are just starting to show their age. So long as the leather upholstery is kept clean it will outlast most other types of materials. Be careful when putting leather on your car seats as some colors are not UV rated. Also, if you have a leather lounge, keep it away from sunny windows as it will soon fade.

Some types of vinyl are just plain rubbish, whereas others are very durable. Personally, I use a marine range which has a leather look texture to it. It comes with a good warranty and has some great looking colors. I use it mainly for marine and car restoration work. When I do car interiors, I will sometimes use a cloth in contrast colors to the vinyl. A lot of the times, people don’t realize that the leather is actually a vinyl

 The next job is to find a good textile supplier. I mainly use Warwick Fabrics as I have never had an issue with their quality. Another good supplier is the Wortley Group.  Most upholstery outlets should have a range of good samples on display. Also, check out some larger retailers who usually have discount upholstery fabric on sale.

When you are ready, give us here at furniture restoration logan city a call